How prepared are you to adapt?

Wow, I really have to start by saying what a unique past couple of weeks it has been to say the least! I hope you all are doing well. Life is a journey and we are living in unprecedented times at least for my era and generation. With that being said, I must ask how prepared are you to adapt?

As a woman who used to work in both investment banking and healthcare, adapting in fast-paced was a requirement in both fields. Now that my corporate career is in technology, I wish I could say that requirement no longer exists. However, what I can say is that adapting works differently now. I find that because tech changes so frequently that the industry as a whole is often more forgiving as we stumble and adjusts. So with that background I have to say, “Go easy on yourself!” Change is not always easy in fact one of my favorite quotes is:

“Change is the only constant.” ~Plato

This may be paraphrased Plato because I’ve been saying it so long now.

And with that in mind I’m going to keep this post short and leave you with this image which focuses on adapting. It also happens to showcase plenty of reduce, reuse, recycle a few of my favorite R words. More importantly, my kids and did a container gardening project recently. We adapted to being forced into our homes for the most part and made some beautiful items which will refresh our home. Take a look at our project below. It highlights both the Jade plant which truly adapts to it’s surroundings rather quickly for a plant. And, also the avocado seed which will take more time to sprout and grow. Nevertheless, the project was a great demonstration not just for me kids but for all to prepare and adapt ourselves for changes to come whether we expect them or not.

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