Pivot, Transform, and Thrive

TeMeka supporting a Black Owned Business in Chicago Kimbark Beverage shop which was ravaged by looting in June 2020

2020 is well past the halfway mark and what a year it has been thus far! This has certainly been a year defined by TRANSFORMATION and so full of surprises. Let us really just also own that it has been entirely unpredictable forcing individuals, government, and businesses to constantly pivot. And, the truth of this impact is that there have actually been far more pros than cons in spite of the 2020 Corona pandemic still going on.

Namely, in the realm of personal development, we have been finding Love multiplied in so many amazing communities and, professionally, it’s primarily been from customers and a prior corporate team. Still, “change remains the only constant” even if it is a common quote that is less endearing to those tired of or resistant to change. In this age of instant gratification and moving at the speed of light, we all still prefer and seek authenticity especially when it comes to love. I for one crave consistency and know that I am not alone in a strong desire for it especially given how unpredictable the state of the world has been for months now. Consistency comes from many efforts – the most important among these being hard work.

The truth is work never ends – pandemic or not; childless or a parent; young or old; etc. Even when our bodies are at supposed “rest” our mind, body, and spirit continue doing work for us in a subconscious level. So if the truth is we are constantly working even while at rest, how do we get everything done without completely falling apart? There is an element of teamwork to this balancing act that occurs in our lives to ensure all of our needs are met. And the consistency we crave also benefits and nearly requires this type of teamwork.

Many communities, specifically in Chicago have found themselves in predicaments where the only option left was teamwork particularly after Chicago was ravaged by looting. Even parents or couples while faced with work from home coupled with unexpected home schooling have had limited options ultimately leading them to utilize teamwork to find a new method to function in today’s uncertainty. We are all resilient. Our resilience has come from this ability to pivot and transform; yet underlying all of this has been love, consistency, hard work, and teamwork. As we are a;; finding balance among all of these important and deep concepts we continue to thrive gloriously.