Are you happy? (bonus: add these 3 methods to your life)

“Are you happy?” When my daughter was barely 2 years old she would randomly and frequently ask this question sometimes grabbing my face by the cheeks to stare in my eyes as she would ask her question. Just imagine an adorable baby face asking you such a deep question so earnestly. And, it was not just a question reserved for me to she would ask others too. She remains my baby girl who is insightful and little did I know she was asking me such a telling question that would kick this off for us. It is a question I ponder often. We all associate happiness with so many things: love, family, security, money, vacations, or not having to work – various type of freedoms. Yet, all my research especially in preparation for this blog has said happiness is a decision we make for ourselves. This concept ties in easily to one of my favorite quotes. The short version: “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” by Charles Swindoll. The full quote is even more amazing and appeals to my own Type A tendencies. You’re welcome to check out the long version by clicking here. I was given this quote by one of my favorite mentors Mr. Dwane Stephen. He coached me as I first navigated the world of a Fortune 50 company within the sales team and where I was taught so much but also eventually burned out under a new manager. Still, that is what I hope we (you and I. Yes, YOU reading our very first official blogpost!) can actually do together with this blog without the burn-out side. Let’s teach each other.

The truth is this will undoubtedly be a journey because I’ve started this blog out of my own desire for more and knowing that you may feel the same way I do. The blog name tells it all: simply seeking more love, inspiration, teachings, and evolution. I love the symbolism of its abbreviation as well: LITE. I could probably go on for days about lightness too. Yet rather than overload you – I’d rather thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for having your own vision of what it means to be happy. I want to learn what happiness means to you and like I said in the title also share 3 methods that help you find happiness. So let’s take one small step together towards self-improvement by asking ourselves not just ‘am I happy?’ but also: what does happiness look like to me?

Post a comment, inbox me, heck you even call me because I’d love to hear from you! And, I won’t leave you hanging. Here are 3 methods to add happiness to your life

My Top 3 Methods for Happiness

  1. Meditate – Oprah and Deepak recently launched a free 21 day Meditation series which I completed and am hoping to invest in further. You could join at that time by clicking on the Chopra Center website. This is honestly what I do most frequently and fits my lifestyle. And, I’ve tried different methods of meditation so just choose what works for you. It’s harder than some may think. <sup>1</sup><sup>2</sup>
  2. Exercise – for me this is a dreaded word yet I know plenty of people who enjoy it. Full disclosure I’m not good at practicing this one but evidence shows that the endorphins released by exercise make it worthwhile. And, I can admit those phases of my life where it was regular practice I always felt better once my work out was done.<sup>3</sup><sup>4</sup>
  3. Massage – The benefits of massage have been around for centuries. I always wonder why more people have not tried it. Working with a professional may not always fit your budget but there are plenty of alternatives that won’t break your bank. Also I can make a couple of recommendations in the suburban Chicago area. NVB Massage associates as well as K & V spa both are run by people i know personally. <sup>5</sup><sup>6</sup>

So that’s all I have for you know but there is definitely more to come. Thanks for coming by and know that I love and appreciate every reader. Feel free to comment via our social media links.


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TeMeka C. Williams
TeMeka C. Williams

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