Wanderlust as a Parent

Your ticket anywhere…

It’s 2022, and the Coronavirus now renamed COVID-19 virus rages on. People have collectively sheltered-in-place, experienced curfews, and learned how to connect with each other digitally. The last one, the last one is what resonates. While individuals, families, and even seniors or the well-seasoned as I like to call them become accustomed to Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams for work calls or other business, Kahoot! for Kids in Hybrid or e-learning, and some older community members finally learned how to use FaceTime or Google Duo. We know how to do all these new things; yet, we miss the old way of life. We as a collective can’t wait for the pandemic to end. Some of us have even resumed travelling. That wanderlust is felt by us all.

However, the wanderlust resonates a little differently for all parents whether married, newly divorced, co-parenting, parallel parenting, or single. We all budget (yes, even rich folks). So, how do you budget for travel or even moving (see our last blog post) when you have kids and want to travel either domestically or internationally or even better you want to do both. There are many amazing tools and sites that make it far easier to satiate your travel desires or as some people are doing completely moving to new states or countries.

So, here are a few tips based on my own personal experiences:

  • Create a System
  • Hire Help
  • Live in the Moment

Create a System

As a parent, a single one at that, I live and breathe by systems to keep my life balanced. Systems for our morning routine, school being in session, summer camps, and even for our trips which is what we are focused on here. Before the pandemic, I travelled with my infant son and toddler daughter to the Bahamas for their Godmother’s wedding. We made it successfully due to my systems for the essential lightweight stroller, the ever-present baby bag, our arrived-in-time passports, multiple pieces of luggage, the carry-on, etc. Those early days of travel as a parent prepared me for the older years. Yet, we still operate with a system. For example, we recently did somewhat of a staycation and visited Starved Rock in Utica, IL. My kids are always advised to pack their own bags so that they take some ownership and it also ensures they bring things they like for the car ride. While they took care of their bags, I packed our snack bag and made sure all their technology (iPads, Amazon Fire Tablet, Nintendo Switch, etcetera) were all charged. It is simply part of my system. Now, our most recent goal was to travel to London and Paris this year…and the pandemic just will not let us be great just yet. I jest but the fact is the constant monitoring of school requirements for testing does make planning ahead for travel a bit harder. So, let’s move on…

Hire Help

Sometimes, I wish I had been more willing to hire people to help us which leads me to my next point and recommendation. For this recommendation, I have two phenomenal links for the same company which is Chicago based. Simply put: Hire Help. You can have professionals help with labor packing in Chicago: www.jcmovers.com/labor-only/ and let you handle the rest yourself. Think back to when your Mom would pack your travel bag for you as a kid and then when the family arrived at the airport, Mom and/or Dad would hire the bag porter to take care of your bag from there. It is worth the investment, hire help. You can even hire sitters while you travel. Do not make excuses, quench your thirst for travel. It may even inspire you to make even bigger moves. Hence, my next suggestion…

Live in the Moment

While you begin your journey, be present with your family and yourself. The pandemic taught us that we are so uncomfortable with sitting still for long periods of time and we adjusted. Some people loved living in the moment so much and that the the coronavirus, or COVID-19 if you prefer, made it easier for us to work remotely and explore the world that they decided to move across the country or even internationally. The link I’m including her for J.C. Movers does not cover international travel but it does cover domestic long-distance moves so check them out on the web at www.jcmovers.com. As a kid my own family, moved several times and the experience of moving to a whole new state was exciting. It is what created my own ongoing wanderlust.

So, as a parent or simply a human being, do not let anything stand in your way. Travel to your hearts content. And, hopefully, these tips will help get you there.