Pandemic Thoughts & Frustrations from a Woman.

Our banking system is entirely too antiquated. My alderwoman just got testy with me and keeps wanting to tell me all the ways she can’t help me. Begging and groveling for assistance is so passe when will our leaders realize this is what frustrates people to k(no)w end. This is why rioting occurred early on in the pandemic. This is why the exhaustion that those of us who work in or worked in essential services show as a sign of the constant fatigue remains a critical indicator. It is a critical indicator that we, the people, all feel and loathe if not despise the complete disregard for all of our humanity across the world. That we still see America and American leadership both in the business and government sector continue to capitalize on the backs of the working folk first; then, second address the more humanitarian aspects as an afterthought and still a means to make money; and lastly, they truly don’t have compassion for the people and our plight as they continue to bicker and allow outdates notions to prevail.


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TeMeka C. Williams
TeMeka C. Williams

An opinionated woman of worth who only speaks love, inspiration, and truth so that we may evolve. Sometime that love or truth may hurt; yet, it is required to evolve.